Thanks to Reviewers

The Editor-in-Chief and the Editorial Board of the Journal of Peritoneum (and other serosal surfaces) are indebted with the following colleagues for their assistance in refereeing articles submitted to the journal (published or refused during 2016).

Fikri Abu-Zidan (Arab Emirates), Ferdinando Agresta (Italy), Nayef Alzahrani (Australia), Maria Mercedes Binda (Belgium), Pietro Brambillasca (Italy), Fausto Catena (Italy), Marco Ceresoli (Italy), Federico Coccolini (Italy), Peter Falk (Sweden), Paola Fugazzola (Italy), Vladimir Khokha (Belarus), Roberto Manfredi (Italy), Juan Carlos Mayagoitia (Mexico), Giulia Montori (Italy), David Morris (Australia), Guillaume Passot (France), Beate Rau (Germany), Tarek Razek (Canada), Massimo Sartelli (Italy), Elroy Patrick Weledji (Cameroon)